Guerrilla Social Media Marketing Secrets – Commitment – Implement – Consistent

These videos are about Guerrilla Social Media Marketing Secrets: Commitment, Consistent and Implement. Shane Gibson shot these videos live as part of his Sociable! Boot Camp series he delivered in Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal and Toronto. The format is raw and un-edited and was shot, uploaded and posted while the training was still running.

Why shoot video this way? Guerrillas know that producing relevant, up-to-date content is vital. If you take days or weeks to edit and upload your videos you miss opportunities to engage, connect and impact your audience. Enjoy these Guerrilla Social Media Marketing videos — and please let us know what you think.

Guerrilla Social Media Marketing Secret: Commitment

Guerrilla Social Media Marketing Secret: Consistent

Guerrilla Social Media Marketing Secret: Implement

  • Brandy Goode

    Nice set of videos!

  • Brad Harmon

    Nice videos, Shane. This is my first visit to your site which I found through

    I’m surprised how many of us start climbing the mountain of social media only to give up when the summit is just over the next ridge. I’m convinced that most of those who are successful have been so not because they were very talented, but because they just stuck it out.

    Thanks for sharing these great videos with us. I became a fan of your Facebook page, and I’m looking forward to more great resources like these from you.