Why you need to be immune to hype as a social media marketer

Many marketers, especially those that use social media tools are guilty of getting off track and chasing bright shiny objects on the web. Technology for the sake of technology can cost you many lost hours and dollars as a marketer.

Following is an excerpt from Guerrilla Social Media Marketing:

The 10 Personality traits of a Guerrilla Social Media Marketer: #1 Immune to hype:

There is a lot of hype around social media. The guerrilla searches for truth, verifies information and executes with dependable tools and strategies. With so many people blasting Twitter updates, Facebook messages and posting blog entries it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of a new product, tool or market and dive in headfirst. Here’s why guerrillas don’t fall into this trap:

  1. Any new social media marketing tool or community takes time, energy and resources to effectively test and evaluate.
  2. Great technology alone doesn’t mean a marketing tool is worth investing in. The tool must be backed by a great company and have the potential for longevity.
  3. While you chase every trend and new tool you neglect communities and marketing tools that need focus and commitment to get a long term return on investment on.
  4. Hype is a sign that something is broadly used. Guerrillas look for opportunities to have the first-mover-advantage not follow the herd.

How to protect yourself from the hype:

  1. Watch other guerrillas and innovators that cater to your target market. What is their feedback in relation to the new technology or tool?
  2. Look for hard data on the tool, product or technology. Get your data from multiple sources to confirm accuracy. Forrester Research MarketingProfs.com or your local chapter of the Social Media Club are great places to find accurate information.
  3. Check the credibility of those who claim to be having success with the technology. Are they profitable? Is what they are doing sustainable and scalable?
  4. Remember, a good marketing attack takes months or even years to be fully effective. Be careful about jumping from idea to idea without allowing ideas time to mature. The latest thing may not be the most effective thing for your business.
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